The CQI and IRCA Professional Quality Management courses are aimed at experienced practitioners looking to advance to a strategic level and aspiring to become a Chartered Quality Professional. They meet the knowledge requirements for membership of the CQI at Chartered Quality Professional level (CQP MCQI).

The Leading Quality Strategy and Planning (PR303) provide leadership skills development in the application of quality planning within the context of product/service portfolio management. You can find out what you’ll study, how you’ll learn and how you’ll be assessed, below.

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(Leading Quality Strategy and Planning – unique ID number 2040).

This course will provide leadership skills development in the application of quality planning within the context of product/service portfolio management. Delegates will leave the course with the capability of coaching and facilitating top management teams in the development of their understanding and deployment of the strategic management of portfolios of products/services, quality policies and the roles required.

  • Enterprise level product/service management:
    • Product/service management as part of a management system
    • Product/service portfolios, systems thinking and the extended enterprise (external stakeholders and suppliers)
    • Review of processes to gather data about and flow down requirements from customers and stakeholders
    • Understanding the context and environmental conditions of products and services (markets, competitors, benchmarking, technology, societal considerations)
    • Managing legal, standards and regulatory compliance
    • Coaching and facilitation skills to build commitment and engagement in leadership teams
    • Facilitation of product/service review processes.
  • Product/service strategies:
    • Building product portfolio strategies
    • Facilitating management tools to identify opportunities with top management teams (SWOT, Boston Matrix, Market Analysis, Product Lifecycles and Prioritisation Matrices)
    • Facilitation of key tools to identify potential risks in the context of strategy development (FMEA, risk register, risk matrix, cause/effect diagrams)
    • Roadmaps
    • Product/service quality planning
    • Policy deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
    • Risk management approaches (risk avoidance or elimination, risk reduction by changing the likelihood or consequences, managing risk following evaluation)
    • Managing financial risk and effective business cases
    • Leading and coaching quality function deployment.
  • Management and planning tools (new seven QC tools):
    • Affinity diagram
    • Interrelationship diagraph
    • Systematic (tree) diagram
    • Matrix
    • Data matrix
    • Arrow diagram
    • PDPC
    • Facilitation of tools with top management teams.

All of our courses are delivered by supported distance learning – which simply means you can study at home or work, at a time – and a pace – which suits you.

Once you’ve enrolled, your dedicated tutor will contact you to arrange your induction.  They’ll go through everything you need to know, and you’ll agree your learning plan.

We’ll also email your login details along with a weblink to our online learning system.  Here you’ll have 24/7 access to everything you need to complete your course – your learning, study support and assessment materials and tutor will provide timely advice, support and feedback throughout your course.

This means:

  • You’re not constrained to set dates/times for training – you can start when you’re ready.
  • You can complete your training at a pace that’s best for you – if you have more time than expected you can accelerate your learning and complete earlier than planned.
  • You can access course learning, assessment and study support materials, receive feedback and support and sit your exam at a time and place that works for you.

Once you’ve successfully completed your course you’ll receive a digital CQI and IRCA accredited certificate.  It really is that simple.

  • Assessment for Professional courses is workbook based.

The CQI and IRCA Professional level courses in Quality Management are aimed at experienced practitioners looking to advance to a strategic level and aspiring to become a Chartered Quality Professional.

At the point of enrolment, we ask you to provide a brief statement on your experience, training, qualifications and study goals (or you can send your CV). Our Programme Lead will assess this to ensure the level is appropriate and will support your development aims.

Suggested prior learning: Managing Quality Planning (PT208).

If you are unsure which level or course is right for you, you can use the CQI tool to help you decide (https://www.quality.org/training/quiz). Or, get in touch with us to request a free consultation.

On successful completion you will be awarded a certificate of achievement.

The Professional Certificate in Quality Management is awarded, by the CQI, following the successful completion of all six Professional courses.





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