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Learner Zone

Welcome to your course with Rove. An account for iLearner (our web-based learning management system) has been created for you and you will receive your log in details from your tutor.

To access the iLearner site please click here. You will need to enter your username and password provided to log in.

If you have any difficulties logging in please call us or email us.

We have created some short videos clips to provide an overview of the iLearner system. These may also be helpful if you’ve forgotten how to access/use a particular area of the site.

Please work through each step. Don’t forget to make sure that your sound is turned on!

Step 1

This video will take you through the login using your unique username and password. Please ensure you make a note of your new password – only you will know it!

Step 2

This video will take you through the documentation you need to view and read. (Also accessible via ‘online documents’).

Step 3

This video will take you through the process of adding your personal details e.g. name, email (so that we can contact you).

Step 4

This video will take you through the rest of the details section including uploading your CV, your certificates as well as telling us all about your learning style.

Step 5

This video tells you all about using the email within the system. Please remember to send an email straight away to your tutor!

Step 6

This video tells you about any activities assigned to you, how to access them and download them onto your computer. This is related to your course, depending on your course you may not have any activities assigned.

Step 7

This video tells you about the rest of the system, how to view your progress, see your learning plans as well as how to look at any online documentation to help you within your course.

A text version of the iLearner guide is also available, to access this please click here.

Benefits of iLearner

Here are the top 10 reasons our learners love iLearner…

1. It’s fully portable; wherever you want to learn as long as you have internet access
2. It can be used on your pc, laptop, phone and tablets
3. It’s easy to use and you get full support from your personal tutor
4. Fully engage with your own personal tutor
5. Your work is in a safe, private place. No more lost paper based assignments!
6. All your resources for reading or links for further researching your topics right at hand
7. You can follow your learner journey easily which keep motivated as you progress
8. Engage your manager in your learning journey to map out your personal development progress and show them your strengths as you develop
9. All your qualifications are visible – plan your career progression
10. If you need to upload anything paper based, pictures or video it has these functions too.