CQI membership is an invaluable way of demonstrating competence and commitment to quality. It also provides you with the opportunity to network with 20,000 like-minded professionals. And, our certified courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to support an application for membership of the CQI and IRCA.

If you are considering joining the CQI, we’ve pulled together this handy guide, explaining the types of CQI membership grades, requirements, costs and guidance. If you’re looking to find how the CQI can help you progress in your quality career click here.


There are five CQI membership grades:


1: Student

2: Affiliate

3: Practitioner PCQI

4: Chartered Quality Professional – Member (CQP MCQI)

5: Chartered Quality Professional – Fellow (CQP FCQI).


These five membership grades each reflect a different level of experience and expertise.


As you move forward in your career, you will be able to progress through the grades. The CQI is the only organisation in the world that offers Chartered Quality Professional status.


The grades of Student and Affiliate are for those at the beginning of their careers in quality.


Student memberships are suitable for those studying CQI Accredited higher education programmes or CQI supported trailblazer apprenticeships.  Find out more here.


However, if you’re just starting out in your quality career or who work in a related field and have an interest in quality – you may wish to apply for Affiliate membership.  Becoming an Affiliate member of the CQI will help you to access support and resources, develop your understanding of the profession, and is a step on the way to the professional grades. Anyone can apply for membership at Affiliate grade. There are no assessment requirements, and you don’t need any previous experience in quality.  You can find out more about Affiliate membership here.


The three professional grades, below, require a certain level of experience and training, and allow members to use the CQI’s exclusive postnominals after their name – recognised internationally as a benchmark of success. 

Practitioner PCQI

CQI Practitioners actively practice quality management as part of their job role, including  individuals who specialise in specific areas such as inspection, quality assurance and improvement.

You need a minimum of two years’ experience and a minimum 30 hours of formal training. (rove’s certified courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to support an application for membership of the CQI and IRCA.) More…

Chartered Quality Professional – Member (CQP MCQI)

The grade of Chartered Quality Professional – Member is the gold standard for professionalism in quality. This grade is for experienced professionals whose main focus is on quality, including consultants. Members at this grade can exclusively use the letters CQP MCQI after their name. As a CQI Member, the main focus of your work is quality management. Chartered Quality Professionals can adapt and apply their skills in most situations.

You must be able to demonstrate your competence against the CQI’s Profession Map. More…

Chartered Quality Professional – Fellow (CQP FCQI)

The prestigious grade of Fellow recognises those who have demonstrated a substantial achievement or contribution to the quality profession. Fellows of the CQI can exclusively use the letters CQP FCQI after their name. For existing Chartered Members who wish to have their contribution to the profession recognised.

Application and interview demonstrating your contribution and impact on the profession. You must be a Chartered Member to apply for this grade. More…

What grade of membership should I apply for?

If you’re unsure which membership is right for you, why not take the ‘Grades test’ here or contact the CQI direct; call +44 (0)20 7245 8600 or email the CQI here.

Upgrading your membership

If you’re an existing CQI member, you can upgrade to a higher membership grade as your career advances. Find out more about upgrading your membership here

Applying for membership

The requirements for membership vary depending on which level you apply for.  You need to evidence relevant experience and knowledge. rove’s CQI and IRCA quality management courses are mapped to the CQI’s Profession Map and so they will support your Member application and provide evidence of training and CPD.

Membership guidance

You can access membership application guidance here.

Cost of membership

Annual CQI membership fees cost between £52 – £220, depending on what level of membership you apply for.


Existing CQI members can advance to a higher membership grade at any time, providing that you meet the requirements, these range from £40 – £92. 


You can view CQI membership costs on the CQI’s website.

Free CQI membership after course completion with rove

Did you know if you are applying for Affiliate and Practitioner grade membership, the CQI waives membership application fees for students (within 16 weeks of course completion). To apply, simply email the CQI and request the code.

Apply for CQI membership

You can apply for CQI membership online here.

Additional information

As your application will be assessed by the CQI, we suggest you contact them with any queries.  For enquiries about joining, grades and criteria, call +44 (0)20 7245 8600 or email the CQI here.