We’ve started the year on a high, with our ninth learner receiving the highest accolade awarded by the World’s leading professional body for quality management professionals – the Professional Certificate in Quality Management.


The Professional Certificate in Quality Management is the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) highest achievement for quality management professionals.  Aimed at experienced practitioners looking to advance to a strategic level and aspiring to become a Chartered Quality Professional, the Certificate comprises of six courses, covering; performance measurement, quality strategy, process excellence, supply chains, change and improvement and risk management.


The Professional Certificate in Quality Management was introduced by the CQI and IRCA in 2017 and to-date only nine quality professional have achieved it.


John Mills, Head of QHSE at Nomad Digital, was the first person in the UK to complete the CQI and IRCA Professional Certificate in Quality Management in 2019. John enrolled on the course with rove, at the end of 2018 and worked hard to complete the certificate within a six-month timescale.


We spoke to John, a Chartered Member of the CQI and a QHSE professional with 18 years’ experience, back in 2019 when he was first person in the UK to achieve the Professional Certificate.


“I was really pleased to hear the news, as learning and constantly developing my skills is important to me. I enrolled on the course to further develop my knowledge and deepen my understanding of quality management. So, to do this as well as being the first person to complete the certificate is great news and sets a nice standard.”


“All the courses looked at theory and models which gave me the opportunity to assess our current practices and processes against these and look at how we can improve as a business. I was able to validate whether what we’re doing is right, whether we should adapt our processes, or even introduce new ones. I was able to assess and critique our business management system, so there was great business value in completing this, as well as professionally for me.


“I had a few ‘lightbulb’ moments throughout the course.  It’s always good to take a step back and reflect on how you work and how your work affects your organisation.”


Chris Smith, rove’s Programme Lead for Quality Management, said; “It’s great more and more people are achieving the Professional Certificate, especially given the current climate. As we experience the adverse effects and consequences of Covid-19 across every sector of the global economy, it’s becoming increasingly more important for quality professional to take a proactive approach to the challenges we face and influence organisations at a strategic level.


“We’re seeing more and more people from different sectors – from chemical, manufacturing, construction and distribution to name a few, undertaking the Professional courses.  We’re hoping these individuals are going to be in strong position to face the challenges ahead.”


Find out about the Professional Certificate in Quality Management here.