Our second post, in our online learning series, provides a handy checklist of things to consider if you’re looking to learn online.

What to consider when learning online?

Online learning has become more popular in recent years. There’s now a whole host of solutions and sometimes confusing terminology to describe it. If you’re considering learning online, here’s our checklist of things to consider:

1: Location

The first is where will the training take place. Is learning done entirely online – at your own pace? Or, does it involve tutor led, planned virtual classroom sessions? Perhaps, it’s a mixture of the two?

2: Resources

Secondly, how do you access your resources? Are they accessible via an online learning system, are they emailed (or even posted) to you? Are they available digitally and what format do they take?

3: Examinations

Thirdly, if your studies involve an examination, where is this held? Are you expected to travel to an exam centre or can the exam be taken online?

4: Tutor support

Finally, what level of tutor interaction, support and feedback is available? Some courses have no tutor interaction and progress is measured through the completion of quizzes and tasks. Others may involve a tutor assessing your work at the end of the course. Alternatively, your course may include a dedicated tutor who is at hand, to support you throughout your studies.

Find out more?

Our courses are delivered using supported distance learning.  You can find out more about how studying with us works here.

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