“I Need More Time!”

This is a phrase we often hear. What can we do to make more time when the workplace (and life) is so busy and the pressure is on to get through our growing to do lists?

There’s no simple strategy that works for everyone and the best you can do is at least try a few things. Have you ever wondered how some people get so much done? Always answer your emails or calls. Always get projects finished on time. Always get through their to do list. They banish time stealers from their day as much as they can.


Time Stealer Hacks That You Can Try Right Now


Turn Off Your Mobile Phone

What did I just say? No, I didn’t say cut off your right arm with a blunt saw – although I might as well have! Not a receptive suggestion by many but for those of us who do it really works. I must admit it works effectively best if you work in an environment where you use a landline and don’t rely on your mobile for business calls. That said, there is nothing wrong with putting it on silent with a voicemail message on while you focus on a particular task.

If you are honest the phone is a distraction that can just run way with you – answer that call and before you know it you have just taken a peek around social media which has diverted you to websites you must look at.


Close down your emails

Well not completely. As a huge part of our jobs rely on responding to emails I’m not saying don’t bother with them. Have you ever watched anyone working who has email alerts on and as they are doing one thing they are looking at the email alert every time it pops up?  Then they stop what they are doing and answer it. If you don’t want to answer it straight away – why look at it at all?  Just clear them down in time batches and in between leave them alone! If someone wants to get in touch they might just pick up the phone.


Get up Earlier

I know. Another suggestion to make you take in a sharp intake of breath. It is much less stressful to get ahead of the day with emails and getting organised for example before focusing on other tasks.


Stop Procrastinating

Not an easy one this, however, it is a well know fact that if you dread doing something then that dread can build up into full blown stress. Also, has this happened to you, that when you finally get around to doing said task, it is never as bad as you imagine?

Don’t believe me? Pop over to Brian Tracy’s website and learn the truth about frogs….



Stop Multitasking – Single Tasking is The Answer

Multitasking – no longer the buzzword it used to be in current thinking. It can be terribly time wasteful and ineffective.

Giving each task your full attention that it deserves for a specific amount of time works much better. When it’s done. Take a break. Start another task. Take a break.

When you get to the end of your day you will have achieve a lot of completed tasks instead of a lot of half completed tasks.


Next month we will explore more time stealing hacks but, in the meantime, be open minded and try these.

If you have any great solutions that work for you – let us know!