As a quality professional, you will need a holistic overview of the whole of your organisation and it is this entire view that allows quality professionals to work at their best.

What about your own self-awareness?

It’s a fact that nothing stands still and there are new developments in all areas emerging all the time. Change is both challenging and exciting and change gives individuals a chance to stretch their ability and staying up to date builds confidence and adds to credibility.

But what about when change is scary and overwhelming? Being self-aware is the starting block for most of us. When you are in that situation at work and you feel a little out of your depth, or those around you are talking about issues you don’t know enough about. It’s an uncomfortable feeling isn’t it. For some people, they just bury their head in the sand and pretend they haven’t noticed they are slipping behind. Others are always striving to develop and grow and it is part of their focus and the aspirations they have for themselves.

Do you know where you are on your career path? Do you know what you need to do next to stay on top?

So, what are organisations looking for when it comes to Quality professionals?

At Rove, we work with a very diverse range of customers and in our discussions with workforce development managers, the one thing that they always reveal, is they look for quality professionals who will be key players in achieving growth in their organisation. They tell us they need people who excel in process, risk management, compliance and product expertise but they also need quality professionals who have a real curiosity of how different divisions of the company work thus providing a holistic balanced view of the risks and opportunities in the organisation. It is likely these curious people are focused on their CPD.

We must push ourselves or risk missing out.

It’s a rare occasion when the teams we work with are all on the same page when it comes to knowledge and skills. Many of the organisations we work with are volatile industries and jobs disappear as companies downsize. Others are scaling onward and upwards. Whichever camp you find yourself in, you must ask yourself this. Are you their next employee?  Opportunities are out there but its all down to individuals who must push themselves to grow and develop their skills and knowledge.