How To Dress For An Interview


Just as you have prepared for your interview carefully and thoroughly it is just as important to consider what you will wear to the interview. First impressions do count and it only takes a few seconds for an interviewer to decide how they feel about you.


So how can you prepare to dress to impress?


Find out what the company dress code is

This is not about your personal style and you don’t want to look out of place.
If you turn up wearing a suit and everyone interviewing you wears jeans you will most likely feel uncomfortable and overdressed but not only that, it may give the impression that you don’t understand the company’s culture.

You can do this once again easily by researching online. Find out what looks appropriate by looking at what employees are wearing in their LinkedIn profile photos, what people are wearing on the company’s ‘About us’ page and certainly look on their social media channel – looking specifically at things like special events (press releases) and presentations where they are more likely to be in their regular dress for work and not the posts around their annual fundraising escapade for example.


You don’t have to buy a full new outfit

Most people think this is necessary but it is more about clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Which means you might not want to wear anything you’ve never worn before. The main reason is you have no idea if it will turn out to be uncomfortable and at worse embarrassing for example does it crease badly, is it itchy or is it too hot?

So, if people do wear suits you could wear something more casual but smart, like dress trousers and a shirt and tie if a male or smart skirt and blouse/dress if a female. You could get a new suit but it might be wise to buy in advance and wear it a couple of times so you don’t feel to uncomfortable in it. If the dress code look casual then choose something you are comfortable in and can then just forget about it.


It’s a good idea to wear layers

You won’t have any idea what the room temperature will be where the company will conduct the interviews so it’s best to go prepared. Being too hot or too cold will distract you need your focus on the interview.

A shirt and jacket or blouse/dress and jacket/cardigan would work well and remove the outer layer if you get to hot.


The finer details

Think about what you need and prepare it all on the day/evening before.
Remember, dressing perhaps a little smarter/different to how you normally would is not about stifling your personality – it’s about showing you fit in with the culture of the company.

  • Polish shoes
    Iron clothing
    Decide on perfume/aftershave (not too over powering!)
    Decide on your make up and don’t use this day to experiment!
    Are you taking a bag? Make sure its tidy and contains everything you need like glasses, interview details and any prepared questions.
    Accessories matter – a smart navy suit with lime green comic socks might not be your best look.
    Ladies don’t reveal everything. Be professional and smart.
    Jewellery – play safe and don’t overdo it.


Hygiene matters

It might seem odd to add this but there are many anecdotes of people turning up to an interview smelly! Not only should you be clean and fresh for your interview but if you are entering the adult world of work then an effort has to be made every day.