Each year the CQI celebrates World Quality Week, providing a platform to raise awareness and promote best practices in quality. This year it’s taking place from 6-10 November 2023 and will focus on realising your competitive potential.

We’ve been working with the CQI and IRCA to get the word out about this year’s global campaign and have written a blog for the CQI website. If you’ve missed it, are wondering what #WorldQualityWeek is all about, or how your organisation can get involved, read on…


As a CQI and IRCA Approved Training Partner (ATP), World Quality Week provides the perfect platform for rove to celebrate the achievements of the quality management profession. We use this platform to shine the spotlight on the profession as a whole, celebrate the achievements of our learners, encourage debate on key industry themes and promote best practices in quality.

1: An opportunity to celebrate the quality management profession

For over 13 years rove has worked with the CQI to deliver quality management training. This has helped 100s of quality management professionals, worldwide, develop and progress with their careers. We’ve seen the impact this training has had on the organisations they work with.

And, every business wants to improve its efficiency, avoid unnecessary waste, manage risks and remain competitive.  All while delivering a great customer experience – and enhance its bottom line.

rove has first-hand experience of providing quality management teams (with the knowledge and tools) to do just this. And, we think this is something which should be celebrated!

2: Celebrating achievements of learners

Undertaking certified CQI and IRCA training courses requires motivation, discipline and commitment. And, for those who embark on the Practitioner or Professional Certificate in Quality Management – this can involve up to three years of study.

For each and every learner, this typically involves juggling work and personal commitments with their studies – no easy task.

We are incredibly proud of all our learners their achievements.  We think World Quality Week is the ideal place to celebrate them.

3: Encouraging best practice

As an Approved Training Partner (ATP), it won’t come as a surprise to you that best practice is at the heart of what we do. Our processes and systems are designed to meet our customers’ requirements and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve. We do indeed, practice what we preach.

Our ethos is aligned to the CQI’s – as the professional body for experts in improving product, project and service quality. As such, it makes perfect sense to us, to encourage and promote best practice across World Quality Week.

4: Debating key industry themes

The theme of this year’s World Quality Week will show how quality improvement principles and methods can be utilised to give organisations a competitive advantage.

We know, how by assisting organisations to achieve maximum productivity and make the best use of resources, quality management practitioners have a crucial role to play in meeting customer expectations. Not just meet them, but to do so more quickly, more cost efficiently and in a more sustainable way than their competitors.

This is an important message to share. And, we’re looking to amplify this across World Quality Week.


Each year, once the CQI announce its World Quality Week’s theme – the rove team comes together to come up with ideas, from which we create our content strategy.

Our campaign is two-fold

We develop a public-facing social media campaign to promote all the great things the CQI are celebrating and debating. We also look at how we can amplify key messages.

However, just as important is our internal communications – how we communicate our plans to our customers. Key to this, is raising awareness of our up-and-coming campaign, and giving them opportunities to get involved. It is crucial we have their buy-in, they feel included and want to get involved in our campaign.

Content is king

We don’t want to give too much away, but we utilise a wide range of statistics, quotes, surveys and research to create a mixture of posts for our campaign. And, we also use our team’s expertise to add value, and also re-visit past campaigns to see what content we can re-purpose.

Keep it on brand

With all the noise on social media, it’s important the campaign has its own distinct look and it’s immediately identifiable as being part of the CQI’s World Quality Week. The CQI provide a handy guide of templates you can utilise. Also, a simple #WorldQualityWeek tag will also help with this.

Join in the conversation

World Quality Week aims to bring the whole profession together.

Make sure you monitor your social channels. See what others are sharing and amplify the key messages. But, most importantly, join in the conversations.

Join us and many others in shining a spotlight on the profession, honouring the accomplishments of quality management professionals, celebrating best practices and engaging in vital industry discussions. Follow #WorldQualityWeek on social media to see the latest conversations.