Bobcat case study

Since 1958, Bobcat has been empowering people to accomplish more. As a leading global manufacturer of compact equipment, Bobcat has a proud legacy of innovation and a reputation. With manufacturing facilities worldwide, its European headquarters is based in Dobříš, Czech Republic.

The Bobcat brand is owned by Doosan Bobcat Inc.


The Quality Director Operations EMEA of Doosan Bobcat, Neil Davis, approached rove in 2022 to ask if it would be interested in developing a partnership to create tailored Quality Management pathway certification and training.

“My working background is a mixture of Automotive and Aerospace industry, where customer specific requirements guided through ISO and IATF, AS and IAQG are developed for their specific industries, it can help anyone wanting to get a deeper learning of the requirements and expectations within these industries.

“Doosan Bobcat is committed to customer excellence, quality planning, quality and business systems improvement, the organisation is deeply invested in Innovation, TQM and Production Control Systems development.

“My vision and objective for the multiple quality groups inside of Doosan Bobcat EMEA is to enable a deeper quality knowledge, irrespective of past background or experiences, and to enable each quality custodian a development path that will benefit them personally and Bobcat professionally.  One Direction, one team and one CQI”, explained Neil.

He had a clear vision of leveraging CQI and IRCA Quality Management courses to provide synergy to multiple business units.

“Our teams are engaged in multiple disciplines between Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Systems Planning through the Product Life Cycle, CQI/rove allows the day-to-day work responsibility to naturally take benefit from the self-development and learning that compliments the day-to-day missions. However, it is clearly a long-term objective hence the Pathway approach that is chosen to allow the teams to grow together.”

He wanted to establish industry best practice and a standardised approach across Quality Management, including problem and complaint resolution, new product development and lean application, throughout his teams.

In addition, he required a well-designed interface, bespoke for each learner – a pathway which met individual training needs and ensured a person specific laddered approach throughout the organisation.


With teams in Czech Republic, France and Ireland, Neil was keen to develop a singular approach to ensure a consistent learning journey across multiple locations.

“The training approach with rove and CQI is a complement to numerous other Learning and Development opportunities within Doosan Bobcat.

“The Quality only courses were selected to be a bespoke way to enable professional pathway for individuals as a recognition of Doosan Bobcat’s value for Quality within our company”, said Neil.

In addition, he required a pathway which allowed the flexibility for individuals to work at their own pace.

Furthermore, an important component was how he’d monitor progress and support any individuals with their personalised training pathway.



rove’s supported distance learning delivery mechanism, together with its expert quality management tutor support, assured Neil that team members would be supported throughout their learning journey, regardless of their location.

In addition, the ability for learners to study at a time, and a pace – which suits them, gave Neil the flexibility his teams required.

rove also supported Neil with his management requirements and created a bespoke support package to meet his needs.



Following a competitive tender process, Bobcat appointed rove in November 2022 as its preferred partner to deliver tailored Quality Management pathway certification and training.

“I did a lot of research into appropriate global programs to deliver affordable, flexible, and professional courses.  I arrived at CQI after researching several other available to industry platforms.  When I arrived at CQI, I shortlisted several partners.

“Unequivocally rove stood out amongst the interviewed partners. rove had the full course content available, others did not. rove had a structured Management system with great personal services and professional background support. rove had flexibility to work under requirements of the customer. rove were competitive offering a structured payment agreement, long terms quote, and split plan, split payment approach. All things that made working with rove a simple choice”, explained Neil.

rove is currently working with Bobcat to support 24 individuals, from the Czech Republic, France and Ireland, to deliver personalised development programmes which align with Neil’s vision of leveraging CQI and IRCA Quality Management courses to provide synergy to multiple business units.

In addition, rove has worked with Bobcat to create bespoke pathways, meeting organisational and individual training needs across the three different levels of Foundation, Practitioner and Professional CQI and IRCA courses – ensuring industry best practice and a standardised approach across Quality Management is employed by Bobcat throughout its teams.

A final word from Neil; “Now is the age of Quality 4.0 and we aim to embrace Quality 4.0, yet Quality 3.0 the present will remain a constant and our people will drive progression with the aid of technology.

“CQI Quality Path leads to the highest potential for Quality Professionals, it’s our responsibility to light the fire of enthusiasm for Quality whether it is Traditional or futuristic and support our team to be their best self with CQI and Rove we aim to lay the foundation for those pathways.”


Whether you are a SME, or a large multinational company, we appreciate the level of investment organisations put into employee training and development. And, we’re here to ensure you get the best return on this investment. From the moment of enrolment, each and every learner is given a dedicated tutor to help them on their learning journey. In addition, we can also provide you with an account manager who will provide timely progress updates. Find out more here.