Skills and experience are important attributes of an employee, but did you know attitude plays just as an important part of any role? It’s no point demonstrating great professional skills if you don’t have the right attitude to carry out them out.

Here’s a run down of five of the essential attitudes you should demonstrate in your apprenticeship, and indeed, throughout your career.

1: Be enthusiastic

A positive energy and enthusiasm rub off on everyone around you. If you undertake every project with interest, are keen to develop new skills and ideas and apply them to your work environment, management will soon notice. Some people are born with positivism, but it can also be developed. Approach every situation, good or bad, as a challenge and as an opportunity – by adopting a ‘glass half full’ attitude, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

2: Show your commitment

Every organisation requires employees who are not only committed to their goals and making their organisation a success, but who also are committed to their fulfilling their roles to the best of their ability. You can demonstrate your commitment by showing a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and develop new ideas to make your team, and the organisation, even better.

3: Remain respectful

Respect is not just a one-way street which extends exclusively to the way you interact with your managers. You should establish a respectful attitude to your customers and to your co-workers. Make sure you take a respectful attitude to everyone you deal with; treat people politely and professionally – even if you disagree with their point of view.

4: Be helpful

Having a helpful attitude in the workplace is important; from meeting the needs of your customers, to assisting your team deliver its aims and objectives. The more helpful people are, the more people want to be around them at work – this leads to becoming a valued member of the team and people wanting to work with you on key projects and initiatives.

5: Try innovative new things

It’s important to take an innovative attitude at work.  Don’t shy away from trying something new or finding new way of doing things. Organisations appreciate employees who can think outside the box and take innovative approaches to accomplish your tasks.  Innovative employees may know their ideas may not work out to be the best way to do something, but the biggest failure is not to give new ideas a go.