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If you’re undertaking an apprenticeship Standard, you will take an End Point Assessment (EPA). These are a series of assessments which ensures you can do the job you’ve been training for and to demonstrate what you’ve learnt during your Apprenticeship can be applied in the real world.


What is End Point Assessment (EPA)?

End Point Assessment (EPA) is a series of assessments you take within the last three months of your training / after your training period. These assessments cover different skills to provide a complete view of your competencies.


Who conducts End Point Assessment (EPA)?

The End Point Assessment (EPA) is undertaken by an independent organisation. The End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) we work with is iCanQuality (iCQ) who will appoint an independent assessor to undertake the End Point Assessment (EPA).


What happens at End Point Assessment (EPA)?

On completion of your learning journey, you will undertake an End Point Assessment (EPA), with an independent assessor.  This involves a series of assessments, which you need to pass to achieve your apprenticeship.


For the Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship this includes:


  1. Showcase – a collection of your work collated through iLearner
  2. Observation – you will be observed in your normal workplace by an independent assessor
  3. Professional discussion – you and an independent assessor will talk about your apprenticeship and your competencies.


When I am ready for End Point Assessment (EPA)?

We hold an Assessment Gateway to determine if you are ready for your End Point Assessment (EPA). This involves holding a gateway meeting with you to assess whether you have developed your knowledge and practical capabilities to do your job. This is assessed by reviewing feedback back from you, your assessor and your manager and the EPAO, who looks at your development over the course of your apprenticeship and the work you have completed.


When does the Assessment Gateway happen?

The Assessment Gateway will take place after a minimum of 12 months training and when you have achieved the key requirements of your apprenticeship.


How do we prepare you for End Point Assessment (EPA)?

Throughout your apprenticeship you will have been using iLearner to identify and store suitable evidence needed for Gateway. We also arrange mock assessments for each of the end-point assessment (EPA) methods to prepare you for your assessments.


When will I take my End Point Assessment (EPA)?

The End Point Assessment (EPA) happens within three months of you successfully completing the Assessment Gateway.


What grades can I achieve at End Point Assessment (EPA)??

You can achieve Pass or Distinction grades at End Point Assessment (EPA).


Can I re-take my End Point Assessment (EPA)?

You can resubmit evidence, or repeat End Point Assessment (EPA) activities, if necessary, although this isn’t expected.



If you have any questions about End Point Assessment (EPA), please speak to your tutor / assessor or email info@roveconsultancy.co.uk