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Throughout your apprenticeship hopefully you will have learned a lot. You will have developed new skills and gained real job experience, with the resulting confidence this should bring you to continue your career aspirations.

At some point you will need to consider what will happen after your apprenticeship has finished. Don’t leave it too late and plan to explore all the choices available to you. You will need to take some practical actions to understand all your options and in each option below, there are some practical action points you can use to guide you.

Once you understand what is available for you, then you need to decide what is right for you.

Explore Your Options

Remain with your current employer

Towards the end of your Apprenticeship, it’s a good idea to give time and thought to what you want to do next. In many cases, employers offer their apprentices permanent positions within the company on completion of their Apprenticeship, but this is not always guaranteed. Nor is it guaranteed for the employer that an apprentice will want to remain with them. You may have enjoyed your experience in one department, but you now may want to work in another department to grow your skills and knowledge further or join a new company.

Your attitude and behaviours whilst you are an apprentice will have gone a long way towards you standing out in any competition.

We will cover how you can do this next time in our blog “Standing out from the Crowd”

 Take Action

  • Make an appointment with your manager to discuss your options
  • If jobs are advertised internally – apply. You will gain invaluable experience at interviews and you may just land that job!


Look for another Apprenticeship

This is a great option if you decide you want to further increase your skills and knowledge. If you decide you would like to find another Apprenticeship, perhaps at the level above, you could contact your current training provider who may be able to help you find a local vacancy.

You could also search and apply for apprenticeship vacancies yourself – details below. Another option is directly contacting an employer who already has an Apprenticeship development programme running.

Take Action

  • Speak with your assessor about your learning pathways opportunities.
  • gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship – you need to create an account and then you can search for your next apprenticeship.
  • Make a list of company’s you might want to approach who already run apprenticeship programmes. Ask if you can go and visit to talk to them about opportunities.
  • Check out if any companies run their own apprenticeship open days that you could attend.
  • https://www.getmyfirstjob.co.uk/ – lots of useful information on this website on types of apprenticeships that are available.
  • Look here too – https://www.notgoingtouni.co.uk/
  • You can search for local apprenticeships available here – https://www.indeed.co.uk/


Look for a job role with another company

Doing your apprenticeship and not getting a job at the end of it is something you might have to face. There may be no vacancy with your current employer but, there are other companies who will be delighted to employ you. You need to give plenty of thought to who you might want to work for and then do your research.

Take Action!


Further Education

When your apprenticeship ends you may not want to find a job but decide that you want to study further. You will have built a good base with your apprenticeship and you have some options to build on this which include further study in the same subject or study a different subject that builds on what you have already learnt.

Take Action!

  • Look out for your local colleges open days
  • Look out for big career events in your area
  • Search college programmes online and then ask if you can go and visit their careers advisor to discuss your options.


Move on to higher education

If this is what you are considering you can initially speak with your assessor who may be able to recommend courses that would match and develop your current qualifications and aspirations. Passing an apprenticeship awards you UCAS points and the universities will also take into consideration the experience you have gained in your apprenticeship role

Take Action!


You will need to prepare a CV for many of the options above you might want to take.

We’ve got that covered here for you – http://www.roveconsultancy.co.uk/how-to-write-a-cv/


For any further information, advice and guidance on apprenticeships you can email us here: info@roveconsultancy.co.uk